Kate Tsui sees Charmaine Sheh as a strong contender for TV Queen award

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At the recent Starhub TVB Awards 2014 in Singapore, Kate Tsui lost the TV Queen title to Charmaine Sheh, who swept the My Favourite TVB Actress award for her role in Line Walker <使徒行者>.

With the TVB Anniversary Awards drawing near, Kate was asked if she had the confidence to win the Best Actress Award. Kate said she would take it in her own stride and will not give herself too much pressure.

Asked who is her strongest contender, Kate said that Charmaine’s performance in Line Walker was very impressive.

Kate said, “She is a very very senior actress!”

Kate’s new drama, Tomorrow Is Another Day <再戰明天> has aired for only a week, and it is too early to tell the audience’s response on her performance.

Kate shared that she was very happy winning two awards at the Starhub TVB Awards 2014, as she had put in a lot of effort in her comedy drama, Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>.

Source: On.cc 

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  1. Cuifen (Garnet) Reply

    Charmaine Sheh is a beautiful Chinese Asian actress. Sheh Sze Man has better acting skills than many others that have either more experience than her or equal or less work experience.

    Charmaine Sheh is a young person, and she is only four years older in age than Kate Tsui. Kate Tsui is a lovely Chinese actress who attended the recent Starhub TVB Awards in Singapore.

    Obviously, when Kate Tsui indicates “she is a very very senior actress”, she is talking about Sheh’s numerous successful Chinese period dramas and modern Chinese dramas. Sheh Sze Man probably has 5 years more work experience than Kate Tsui. Kate Tsui was not referring to the date of birth. In Asiapopnews article dated October 14, 2014, the translation might have changed what Kate Tsui indicated about Sheh, the other Asian Chinese actress. A woman would have to be at least 20-25 years older than Sheh in order to be her mother.

  2. Jessica Reply