Charmaine Sheh and Ruco Chan crowned Singapore’s TV Queen and TV King

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As a prelude to the TVB Anniversary Awards in December, the Starhub TVB Awards 2014 was held last night at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

After a two-year absence from TVB dramas, Charmaine Sheh returns with a highly-raved blockbuster drama, Line Walker <使徒行者>. Besides bagging the My Favourite TVB Female TV Character award, Charmaine also clinched the My Favourite TVB Actress award.

Receiving the award on stage, Charmaine recalled the difficulties when she was filming the series. Besides suffering from slipped disc, she also suffered from insomnia and had lost a lot of weight at that time. Finally, all her effort has paid off.

Charmaine said, “Thank you everyone for your support. This proves that the audience loves the character. This award reminds me of the time when I was filming the series. No matter how tough it was, it is all worth it now.”

When asked if she was confident of clinching the Best Actress award at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Charmaine said, “I am confident, but I won’t give myself too much pressure. I will take it in my own stride. It will be an additional bonus if I clinch the award!”


Ruco Chan, on the other hand, was in shock when his name was announced as the My Favourite TVB Actor award for his role in Ruse of Engagement <叛逃>. Ruco has beat the hot favourites of Roger Kwok and Bosco Wong.

Receiving the award in teary eyes, Ruco spoke about his disappointment when Ruse of Engagement was shelved aside for 3 years. He also said, “I did not have much success during my first few years of career, but I told myself it I continued to work hard, the day will come. Today, the day has come.”

Ruco had a setback during his early days of acting career, and after crossing to TVB, he took on many minor and supporting roles in the initial years. Ruco is now ascended as a lead actor in many hit dramas like Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> and Outbound Love <單戀雙城>, and he will also star in TVB’s big production, Cheung Po Tsai <張保仔>.

On his win as Singapore’s TV King, Ruco was in all smiles, “I really did not expect it at all. I am very emotional. The other nominees are very strong. I have to thank the fans for voting me.”

Asked if he was confident of clinching the Best Actor Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Ruco said, “I will take it in my own stride, but I am already very satisfied with this award.”


Him Law and Sharon Chan walked away with the My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor and Actress awards.

Besides bagging the My Favourite TVB Male and Female TV Character awards, Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin also bagged the My Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple for their thriller series, Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>.

Black Heart White Soul also won the My Favourite TVB drama award.






Winners for the Starhub TVB Awards 2014 are as follows: 

My Favourite TVB Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

My Favourite TVB Actor: Ruco Chan (Ruse of Engagement)

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (The Ultimate Addiction)

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor: Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush II)

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character: Nancy Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Kristal Tin, and Linda Chung

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character: Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma.

My Favourite TVB Drama: Black Heart White Soul

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: A Time of Love

My Favourite TVB Variety/Infotainment Programme: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host: Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam

My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple: Kristal Tin and Roger Kwok

My Favourite TVB Theme Song: Really Want to Hate You <很想討厭你> (Theme song from Outbound Love by Rosina Lam)

Best New TVB Artiste: Louis Cheung (Gilded Chopsticks)

Best Improved TVB Artiste: Eliza Sam

Singapore Media’s Favourite TVB Series: Line Walker

Most Dazzling Female Artiste: Kate Tsui

Red Carpet Star Award: Linda Chung

Source: Oriental Daily 

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