Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu hooked up secretly?

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Branded as TVB diamond bachelor, Kenneth Ma is a hot catch for many women. With his immerse popularity, he is also one of TVB’s top leading actors. At the TVB Anniversary Awards last night, Kenneth has bagged the My Most Favourite Character award.

Besides having a smooth career, tabloids claimed that Kenneth had a new romance in his life recently. Kenneth reportedly has been hooking up secretly with his Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles‘ co-star, Rebecca Zhu.

Last week, at the screening of the drama’s finale at a shopping mall, Kenneth was spotted picking up and sending Rebecca home. Kenneth had no qualms about praising openly the 25-year-old actress for being cute. He even gave her a nickname called “Morning Zhu”.

Rebecca gave her onscreen kiss to Kenneth in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and the kiss allegedly helped to progress their relationship further. Spending time together during filming, the duo had often been spotted together offscreen too. Hence, speculations are rife if they are in a romantic relationship currently.

Source: ihktv 

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