Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung clinch Most Outstanding Performing Actor and Actress Award

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This evening, the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers held a 20th anniversary gala dinner and at the same time, gave out the Outstanding Performing Artistes Awards. The awards were voted by the various representatives of the federation and acknowledge the efforts of the artistes from different arenas in film, television and music industry.

Kenneth Ma moved to tears 

TVB artistes, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung clinched the 2012 Most Outstanding Performing Actor and Actress in the television category. Seeing that his co-star in the Hippocratic Crush winning the award, Kenneth was moved to tears.

“Moses Chan won the award last year. I owe the award to my co-star. I was even more touched when Tavia’s name was announced,” said Kenneth.

Tavia then sweetly took out a tissue and wiped off Kenneth’s tears.

“I am sorry that my eyes were wet. As the award was voted by the professionals behind the scene, I was even more encouraged,” added Kenneth.

Tavia was also equally moved by the acknowledgement. “I am also touched. The TV Queen was voted by the viewers. I find this award very valuable too as it is a recognition from the professionals behind the scene.”


G.E.M. dares not take the heavenly queen title 

G.E.M. Tang and Eason Chan clinched the Most Outstanding Performing Female and Male Singer awards in the music category. G.E.M. expressed that she would not think that she was on an equal footing with the veteran singer, Eason.

“The pressure is too much, but I am very happy. The award is voted by the professionals after all! I entered in the showbiz when I was 16. I was viewed as a little kid along the way, and I need to be more mature now!”

Asked if she would set her goal at the heavenly queen status, G.E.M. replied, “Please don’t say that. I just want to do my job well.”


Nicholas Tse and Angelababy awarded Most Charming Male and Female artistes 

Nicholas Tse has swept many women off their feet with his suave and cool look. There is no doubt that Nicholas has bagged the 2012 Most Charming Male Actor.

Asked about why he won the award, Nicholas said, “The photographers and the directors probably think that I have such quality.”

The initial winners’ list did not include Angelababy. However, the organiser decided to add in the Most Charming Female Actress for her at the last minute.

Angelababy felt that the award was a result of her exposure in the films for the recent two years. She also expressed that she was still a newcomer and had to adopt a humble mindset.


The winners’ list are as follows:

Most Outstanding Performing Actor (Film): Nick Cheung
Most Outstanding Performing Actress (Film): Teresa Mo

Most Outstanding Performing Actor (TV): Kenneth Ma
Most Outstanding Performing Actress (TV): Tavia Yeung

Most Outstanding Performing Male Host (Radio): Brian Chow
Most Outstanding Performing Female Host (Radio): Pia Ho

Most Outstanding Performing Male Singer (Music): Eason Chan
Most Outstanding Performing Female Singer (Music): G.E.M. Tang

Most Charming Male Actor: Nicholas Tse
Most Charming Female Actress: Angelababy

2012 Most Outstanding Photographer: Anthony Pun (The Silent War 聽風者)

2012 Best Newcomer: Cherry Ngan (Nightfall 大追捕)

2012 Best Newcomer Director: Roy Chow (Nightfall)

2012 Most Recommended Films: Love in the Buff (春嬌與志明>, Motorway <車手>, Cold War <寒戰>

2012 Most Outstanding Directors: Pang Ho-Cheung (Love in the Buff), Pou-Soi Cheang (Motorway), Sunny Luk (Cold War)

Source: Apple Daily

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