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Although Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is TVB top lead actor, his practical mentality has not changed even after he becomes more popular. Earning around HK$6 million this year from filming series and endorsements, Kenneth still takes the subway to work sometimes despite owning a car.

“Compared to other actors, maybe everyone finds me weird. If I am not in this line, I am actually very normal,” said the “Three Kingdoms RPG” star.

Kenneth also said that besides surrounded by fans in the subway station, he did not think that it was not convenient to take the public transport.

Kenneth does not own branded wear

As Kenneth’s goal is to purchase a bigger apartment for his family, he tries to save up and does not spend on unnecessary items such as branded apparels. “I never chase for material or branded things, that’s why I am always being teased with no taste for dressing. I am a practical and calculative person. I prefer to take the subway as it is more convenient even though I have a car.”

“I am not that kind of person who will change car when I have the money. I already own a five-seater car for four years. If I want to change, I willl change to a 7-seater car as it can drive my family members to outing. I do not mind that you call me a miser, but I clearly understand it is not a waste to spend on family and housing. If you ask me to buy branded watch or car, I do not know what is the meaning behind it.”

Source: orientaldaily


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