Lin Chi-ling broke up with Qiu Shi Kai

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Rumours were rife that Lin Chi-ling have broken up with businessman boyfriend, Qiu Shi Kai. Attending the movie premier of 101 Marriage Proposals <101次求婚>, Chi-ling readily declared her single status.

Starring Chi-ling, Huang Bo and Godfrey Gao, 101 Marriage Proposals is a movie about an average middle age man and a cellist love story. To compensate Huang Bo’s hundred times of proposal rejection in the movie, Chi-ling led the women and Godfrey to propose to Huang Bo. A rival of Huang Bo in the movie, Godfrey even knelt down and tried to kiss Huang Bo’s hand!

Responding about her current relationship status, Chi-ling admitted that she had resumed her single status. Asked about her separation with Qiu Shi Kai, the model-actress said, “We do not have that kind of relationship now”.

Chi-ling also expressed that she would take the initiative to profess her love if she met someone she liked. “I have more courage to pursue for love now,” said Chi-ling.

Asked if she had more pursuers now, Chi-ling replied, “Everyone is only saying. Nobody is acting!”

Although Chi-ling had never admitted her romance with Shi Kai, their relationship is widely speculated. Last year, Chi-ling admitted on a house hunting trip with Shi Kai in Shanghai, which sparked speculations if marriage was in the cards for the couple.

An insider revealed that the reason for their breakup was due to Shi Kai’s inflexible personality and lacking romanticism in their relationship. Shi Kai reportedly was also furious that Chi-ling often compared him with former boyfriend, Jerry Yan.

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Source: Sina 

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  1. It's me Zia Reply

    I think Lin Chi-Ling is a nice and attractive person but I think she should not search for a man that is famous or rich. If she only wants someone like that, she will never be happy. Many people are exploiting her because of her beauty and fame but these qualities are fleeing. In 10 to 20 years would this same man be by her side? She needs to search deeper for a good person but never do it for media or publicity sake. I wish her the best in her pursue and it is never easy when you are famous and beautiful. It can get into your heart with false hope about yourself.
    Just my personal opinion. Let’s don’t be nasty or rude in this discussion.

  2. Newton law Reply

    No decent man would want to go near her since she love to compare Jerry with them.

    But she is an easy catch now – just hit and run. She is willing to hit the sack with any man.

  3. Critics Reply

    During many earlier interviews she has been saying that she is still single.

    My opinion is this story is to create an issue and to promote her up coming movie 101 marriage proposal.

    She is excellent in manipulating the media and use it to her advantage.

    Since the public is so keen to know about her marital status, why not exploit it.