Lin Chi-ling insures her breasts for NT $40 million

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Taiwan’s no. 1 model, Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) possesses a pretty face and a stunning figure. Chi-ling is a sexy goddess in many men’s hearts!

After falling off from a horse seven years ago, Chi-ling suffered fractures and injuries on various parts of her body. Revealing the awful experience, Chi-ling said, “When I laid on the bed at that time, I was not sure if I was able to recover. I was extremely depressed. It was difficult even when I tried to move.”

As Chi-ling is an endorser for lingerie brand, she suddenly realised that it was important to protect her assets. She took out a NT $40 million insurance to cover her breasts!

Besides having the insurance coverage, Chi-ling also spent a substantial amount of time and money to take care of her breasts and legs. Revealing about her beauty tips for breasts, Chi-ling said, “After showering, we need to splash cold water upwards onto the breasts and then pat them. Do not be afraid of cold water.”

At a variety programme in China, Chi-ling also showed her fun side by dancing the famous horse riding dance with a team of male dancers. Her expressions were cute and humorous, showing her light-hearted side.

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