Lin Chi-ling’s steamy bed scene with 52-year-old actor causes a stir

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The latest trailer of Chen Kaige’s latest movie, The Monk <道士> has caused such a stir. Steamy bed scenes of Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling and 52-year-old Chinese actor Fan Wei have become a hot topic!

Chi-ling and Fan Wei play a married couple in the film. A young monk, on his way down the mountain sought shelter from the couple’s house, and sneakily climbed through the window of the couple’s bedroom to watch their ‘act’.

In the clip, Chi-ling has many intense expressions and also had many crude lines, such as “Don’t you want your life” and “It’s not enough?”

Many fans are exasperated watching their goddess with a bald and plump man. However, there are other fans who praise the 40-year-old model-actress for her professionalism and breakthrough performance.

Chi-ling’s manager said that although she did not have that many screen time in the movie, she did not mind it at all as she had always wanted to work with the famed director, Chen Kaige.

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Source: Apple Daily

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