Linda Chung admits wedding rumours: “I am married!”

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Recently, Linda Chung is rumoured to be pregnant and will be tying the knot this weekend, February 27 in Vancouver.

Earlier, reports said that her marriage partner was her long-time boyfriend, Philip Ng, but Hong Kong magazine said that it was the nephew of former TVB Chairman Norman Leung.

Finally, Linda has responded her wedding rumours, and shockingly, she announced that she had got married!

In her statement, Linda said, “Today, I want to announce that I am married! Thank you my media friends for all your concern, but people who know me are aware that I prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to relationship and family. I hope to protect my family who is not from the entertainment circle. In my heart, I hope to be like everyone else who can have my own family and live an ordinary and yet blissful life.”

“I thank god for letting me meet him at the beginning of last year – my husband, Jeremy who is from Vancouver. Since we met, we discovered that we have common values, faith and endless topics to chat. He is mature, loving and loves the lord. He is very gentle and attentive towards me. Our love has received the support from both families. The elders also hope that we would settle down and have children soon. I also hope to set a simple and happy family with Jeremy.”


Linda also said that Jeremy had proposed to her in last Autumn, and they got married end of last year. To respect their families, they have picked an auspicious date, February 27 to hold their wedding banquet.

Although Linda did not address on her pregnancy rumours, she dropped hints on her pregnancy. She said, “I hope to be a dutiful wife and a good mother who take care of my husband and family well. I will not respond to other rumours. Please give me some privacy. When the time is appropriate, I will share the good news with everyone.”

Linda also thanked her good friends, Eliza Sam, Leanne Li, Grace Wong and Christine Kuo for keeping the secret for her. She also thanked TVB and Ms Virginia Lok for helping to protect her privacy.

Linda Chung looking chubbier at her last public appearance in United States on Valentine’s Day.


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