‘Line Walker’ is TVB’s highest rated series in 2014

228 3
228 3


Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh’s crime thriller drama, Line Walker <使徒行者> has received rave reviews since its broadcast. On Monday’s night, the series averaged at 32 ratings points, and peaked at 33 points, making it the highest rated series so far in 2014.

The series will have more intense plot, and in coming episode, Charmaine and Raymond will even share a passionate kissing scene. This will definitely drive up the ratings further.

Benz Hui, Oscar Leung, Samantha Ko and Owen Cheung attended the Line Walker publicity event and celebrated the good ratings. As the storyline is getting more exciting, there is a hype on the guessing of the undercover.

Samantha, who will be appearing in episode 20, will be playing a triad leader in the series. When quizzed on the identity of the undercover, Samantha refused to divulge the identity.

“I can’t tell you, but there will be more deaths towards the end of the series,” said Samantha.



Benz also shared that his friends, who were fans of the series, had also been asking him on the undercover identity. Like Samantha, Benz also preferred to keep the viewers in suspense, but gave out clue that his character was linked to Samantha’s character.

Since the series is so popular, will Benz hope to get the Best Supporting Actor at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards?

Benz replied, “It’s better to leave it to the young people. I took the award before.”


Source: On.cc 

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  1. Scott Reply

    Charmaine She has no ass! I prefer Ankie

  2. Jodie Tong Reply

    Sheh Sze Man has more beautiful face and a nicer figure than Ankie. The scriptwriter for Line Walker was nasty to use “Rosanne” to madly rave and say on her cellphone that Ankie (no) has a much better figure etc. etc.) than the leading actress, Sheh.

    As a Chinese Asian girl, username (Jodie Yingtai Tong), I have naturally slimmer, skinnier figure, more slender waist, sexy Chinese Asian legs and with nicer and lovelier curves. Also, I have a much better figure and face, a more sexier figure than Ankie.

    Ankie is rude and unprofessional in real life and in acting, Ankie wears 50 lbs make-up, this Caucasian actress has much smaller cleavage compared to her dress with padding, doing a fake half naked show in Line Walker, Ankie has chubby thighs, fat elephant ass fat stomach. Ankie looks fine but is not sexier than Charmaine. Sheh is a goddess and has 900 better acting accomplishments compared to this evil Caucasian woman Ankie.

    95% of Chinese men and women want to watch their own Chinese actors and actresses. That is wrong to cast and let this Caucasian woman who does not act well try to invade Line Walker. Line Walker should be promoting how Charmaine Sheh is much sexier than Ankie who has the problem, and not the other way around. Ankie is jealous of Charmaine’s superior beauty.

    Sheh’s waist in real life is 8 inches skinner than Ankie’s 34 inch waist (digitally reduced in fake pictures and videos) and chubby thighs.

    That was so annoying this Ankie (not as special) kiss Raymond 25 times too many.
    Raymond Lam does not like Ankie when she takes drugs and irritatingly slurs, “you don’t like me (Ankie).

    That is not nice Rosanne, plays her mother 57 years old in Line Walker, uses a cellphone to inappropriately compliment Caucasian woman Ankie (not funny) over the much more lovely Sheh Sze Man. Also, Sheh is a young person and with younger looking and lovelier skin, looks 4-5 years younger than Ankie.

    Raymond Lam would rather choose Charmaine (who is smarter and more beautiful) first and foremost over this annoying Ankie who cannot act. There are probably 9 million Asian women who would love to kiss Raymond, why give kissing Raymond Lam, give the chance only to annoying Ankie 25 times on screen??!!!!

  3. Jodie Tong Reply

    Sheh Sze Man has more beautiful face and a nicer figure than Ankie. The scriptwriter for Line Walker was nasty to use “Rosanne” to say that Ankie (no) has a much better figure than the leading actress, Sheh.

    Ankie Belike has chubby thighs, fat elephant ass, wears 6-7 inch high heels. In Line Walker, the producer or director or scriptwriter wrongfully forced the lovely Sheh wore loose horrible clothing and hiking boots vs Ankie who is not pretty but wore expensive designer dresses and 6-7 inch high heels to appear falsely slimmer. Ankie Beilke, caucasian woman is so slutty, bitchy and annoying on Line Walker.

    As a Chinese Asian girl, I have a much better and sexier figure and face and I do not go around trying to dominate the leading actress in Line Walker unlike this lesser actress, Ankie Beilke. Ankie acts too western and should not wrongfully invade Chinese dramas.
    This great and interesting Chinese drama, Line Walker would have even higher ratings without Ankie to try to ruin the drama.

    Charmaine Sheh could act so much better than Ankie Beikle who is scary to watch with her slutty attitude in Line Walker, trying to seduce Raymond. Raymond Lam prefers Charmaine Sheh much more..