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There have been recent reports that “Little Tigers” (小虎队) would reunite again and hold a concert together next year.

“Little Tigers”, which made up of Nicky Wu (吴奇隆), Alec Su (苏有朋) and Julien Chen (陈志朋) was considered the hottest boy band in Asia in the 1980s and 1990s. After the trio was disbanded, the group members developed their solo career individually.

When news of “Little Tigers” performing again, many fans are especially concerned and excited over their reunion. Nicky Wu confirmed the news and said, “Little Tigers reunion is handed to Sister Hsia Yen (Chang, Hsiao Yen 小燕姐) and our ex-manager, as the band was created by them. There is this concept currently, but we have not received any news yet.

As Nicky, Alec and Julien now belong to different companies, it would be difficult to work out their working arrangement for a rehearsal. However Nicky said, “Organising a concert needs rehearsal, and everyone needs to give out a long period of time. This is not an individual decision, but we will all try to accommodate.”

Nicky is considered to have the most successful career as compared to his two fellow band members. His popularity soared after starring in mainland drama, “Scarlet Heart” (步步惊心), and his value also increased tremendously. Recently, he also produced his drama, “The Bride With White Hair” and took on dual roles as the leading actor and the producer.

When asked if his remuneration was four times more than Alec and Julien, Nicky replied, “We have never considered the salary issue. There are other methods of factoring into the money. From the beginning, the three of us received the same treatment. The public speculation is inaccurate.”

Source: et.21.cn

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