Michael Miu kisses woman in front of wife

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Hong Kong tabloids reported that Michael Miu treated his wife, Jamie Chik transparent and publicly hugged and kissed another woman in front of her.

This is not the first time in which tabloids caught hold of Michael’s affectionate behaviour to the opposite sex. Recently, he was photographed kissing Eric Tsang’s daughter-in-law at Eric’s birthday party. Michael clarified later that it was a social kissing.

Since Michael rejoined showbiz in 2005, Jamie has been feeling insecure about the women surrounding her husband. A source close to Jamie shared, “Jamie was in this line before and knows that her husband will attract many women who throw themselves onto him. She naturally gets a little worried. She  took on a slimming commercial in 2009 and was determined to lose weight. At least, she wants to improve her appearance to retain her husband.”

Last week, Michael invited many good friends such as Michael Tse, Chin Kar Lok, Angela Tong, Janet Chow, Tommy Hung, Virginia Lok, etc. to his 55th birthday celebration. After the dinner, Michael, Jamie and a middle aged woman walked to the carpark to retrieve their cars.

Jamie boarded the seven-seater car first and when she wanted to bid farewell to the woman, she suddenly saw her husband hugging and kissing the woman.

Jamie appeared to be uncomfortable with Michael’s over affectionate behaviour, but did not wish to dampen his birthday mood and hence tolerated with him.

Source: Oriental Sunday 

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