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Myolie Wu is ready to embark on a new love journey!

After breaking up with Bosco Wong, Myolie’s love life has always been of interest to her fans. She has been romantically rumoured with her co-stars, Eric Huang, Adrian Chau and Kenneth Ma. However, all these rumours appear to be only false alarms, as Myolie recently disclosed that she had a new pursuer that is outside from the entertainment industry.

Yesterday, Myolie was filming for a mainland drama Scent of Beauty <紅酒俏佳人> in Shenzhen. Myolie portrays the heiress of a red wine company and has many opportunities to sample different types of red wine in the drama.

Filming a wedding scene, Myolie was asked if she had the impulse to get married. “I need to first look for a suitable partner. I can’t just get married alone,” said Myolie.

Asked if anyone was courting her currently, Myolie hesitated for a moment and then smiled sweetly. “You can say that, but I need to observe first. However, I am happy”.

When grilled who the guy was, Myolie replied, “You all do not know him”.

Myolie finally gave in to the media’s grilling and said that her new pursuer was someone outside the entertainment industry.

As Myolie will only wrap up her filming on 16 February, she will be spending her Valentine’s Day at work. Asked if her new pursuer had tried to date her during Valentine’s Day, Myolie exclaimed, “It’s not that soon. We are only friends now”.

Did you date him instead? Myolie laughed and replied, “No! A woman still needs to have some restrain”.

As last week was the birthday of Bosco’s mother, Myolie expressed that she still sent a birthday greeting message to her.

Source: orientaldaily

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