Natalie Tong denies cohabiting with Tony Hung

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Yesterday, Natalie Tong attended an event and revealed that she would be spending her Christmas working.

Recently, Priscilla Wong shared that she hoped to go on a holiday with her boyfriend Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong and Tony Hung. Natalie said that all four of them had different interests and it would be difficult to go on a trip together.

Asked if she minded “light bulbs” tagging along with her and Tony, Natalie replied, “Those 2 guys will stop me and Priscilla from shopping!”

Earlier, Priscilla and Tony became a hot talking point when they held hands at the red carpet of the Starhub TVB Awards 2015 in Singapore. Natalie praised them for being good partners.

Asked if she trusted her boyfriend, Natalie said, “Nothing is going on [between them]. I and Priscilla know each other very well. There is always imagination on the Internet.”

A few days ago, Priscilla also accidentally blurted out that Tony and Natalie are currently cohabiting. Natalie denied and said, “Do not bother with her. She often cannot express herself well. Dating doesn’t mean you have to live together. I need space.”

Last week, Tony was not able to attend the TVB Star Awards Malaysia after his passport went missing. Natalie said, “I was so shocked till I lost my voice! It was so rare. Someone would actually lost his passport and missed a chance to receive his award [in Malaysia].”

Asked if she would help Tony find his passport, Natalie said, “He is so messy. He needs to find himself. Nobody can help him.”

Source:, Ming Pao

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