Natalie Tong experiences heat stroke and sudden drop in low pressure

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Natalie Tong and Ruco Chan have been busy filming for a new drama, ‘Super Messenger‘ (超能使者). The production crew has been very careful filming under the pandemic situation, especially Ruco who has a daughter at home.

After filming, he would quickly wear his mask, and spray disinfectant to sanitize his body. Ruco would also share his disinfectant with Natalie too.

Filming under the hot sun can be very tedious. On her rest day, Natalie went to visit a TCM practitioner, and the doctor told her she had very unusual low blood pressure.

“Usually, blood pressure is around 90, not sure why that day it was 74! The physician was so shocked and asked me if I felt dizzy. He immediately administered acupuncture for me, and gave me tea prescription to drink everyday to detox. I also felt that I was about to have a heat stroke too. I am thinner than before. Although I have been eating, there is too much physical exhaustion. I only sleep for about 3 to 4 hours a day. With the Covid-19 virus, I really need to boost up my immunity.”


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