Netizens slammed Aaron Kwok for flaunting loving photo with new girlfriend

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Recently, Aaron Kwok openly introduced his 27-year-old model girlfriend, Moka Fang. Two days ago, the 50-year-old heavenly king took a step further and flaunted a photo with his girlfriend.

In the photo, Aaron was slurping soup while his girlfriend was smiling at the camera. He wrote on his Weibo, “This way we have to eat a little slower?”

Moka replied 15 minutes later and said, “Don’t be mischievous. Quick have your meal!”

Although there are many likes on his photo, the post also garnered more than 100,000 comments and largely criticisms from netizens. One netizen wrote, “Heavenly King Kwok, are you normal?”

One wrote, “Is your Weibo being hacked?”, while another one said, “When are you two breaking up?”

One fan also wrote, “It felt disgusting!”

Throughout his career, Aaron has never publicly admitted any of his relationships. His open approach to his romance was unacceptable to some fans. Some netizens also could not accept the 23 years age gap between him and his new girlfriend.

However, there are fans who send their blessings to him. One fan wrote, “No matter what, I will give you my best wishes.”


Source: Ettoday

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  1. Jonahae Reply

    The dude is 50 yrs old he needs a lovelife and it’s his life the fans have no
    right to tell him not to flaunt his lovelife to the public

    So what if they have 23 yrs age gap, the guy is hotter than 20 yrs old guys
    this days

    The fans are just envy that they are not MOKA

    1. Jessie Reply

      I think its not about Aaron. It’s his girlfriend which seems controversial. But then as long as he is happy.