Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu to hold wedding banquet next year

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Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu registered their marriage in January this year. However, as both have been busy with their work, they have not held their wedding banquet.

Yesterday, Nicky returned to Taiwan and a group of fans waited at the airport to celebrate his 45th birthday. Although his birthday was already over (October 31), fans still waited patiently to throw him a surprise. Nicky was very shocked when he saw so many fans at the airport, but eventually smiled and thanked his fans.

When a reporter asked when he was planning to have a baby, Nicky did not respond. Regarding rumours that he and Cecilia are planning for a wedding banquet in 2016, his manager said, “They are planning for the wedding, but the date is not confirmed. They are not anxious, so please do not be anxious for them. We will announce when there is good news.”

Attending an event today, Nicky was asked what birthday gift did he receive from his wife. He smiled and said, “She gave me a very practical gift.”

When probed about his wedding date, Nicky said, “The earliest could be after the new year.”

Nicky said that they might not have two wedding banquets separately in China and Taiwan, and he prefers to hold just a simple wedding.


Source: Ettoday

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