PSY on Lin Chi-ling: “She is a sexy horse!”

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Taiwan number one model, Lin Chi-ling performed the Gangnam Style dance with PSY!

At the Shanghai Dragon TV lunar new year recording, Chi-ling performed the famous horse-riding dance and mesmorised PSY during the show. As Chi-ling had performed the horse-riding dance before, she was already familiar with the dance steps.

Clad in a sexily low-cut dress which revealed her long slender legs, the hot model captivated PSY with her sweet smile, curvaceous figure and her spicy dance steps.

PSY later praised Chi-ling and said, “She is really a sexy horse!”

Dragon TV reportedly spent three months to convince PSY to record the prorgamme. The Korean star reportedly pocketed RMB3 million for a short 5-minute performance!




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  1. Newton Law Reply

    She is a BITCH not a Horse.

    Horses does not stick out their tongue.