Raymond Lam does not think he is blacklisted by TVB

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Raymond Lam has been busy working out for his upcoming concert in Hong Kong Coliseum next month.

Looking visibly thinner at a recent event, Raymond said that he had not achieved his ideal weight yet. He currently weighs 150 pounds and hopes to slim down even further.

Asked if he was competing with his girlfriend, Karena Ng to lose weight, Raymond smiled, “It’s too hard to compete with her. She controls her diet very well, and she only eats egg white and chicken.”

When asked if he had achieved a ripped eight pack abs, Raymond said, “I can feel it, but you have to watch the concert to see them!”

Earlier, rumours said that TVB had blacklisted Raymond, after he refused to extend his contract. Raymond did not think so and said, “I only heard from you guys.”

“It’s not true. There will be opportunities to work together again as I still meet up with many ex-colleagues.”

Although his new song is not being promoted on TVB, he is not worried that it will affect his album sales and ticket sales for his concert.

“To be frank, I don’t worry much about ticket sales of the concert. I only worry about my performance. I also believe the ability of my colleagues.”

Source: On.cc

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  1. TriciaQiling Reply

    As long as Raymond Lam maintains his Chinese cultural values. Chinese Asian girls that I like look more beautiful than those horrible ugly and fat caucasian actresses that use fake digital alteration in fake pictures and videos. As a Chinese Asian girl, I will continue to like Raymond Lam if he does NOT join the evil Yellow Umbrella pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong these previous most recent 3 years. Those violent and despicable pro-democracy students, children and adults of different ages and some retired people who wave the US flag, should be blacklisted.

  2. TriciaQiling Reply

    Some of the TVB producers in Hong Kong and TVB screenwriters are wrongfully kissing ass to England, kissing ass to the US which is wrong, the bad Yellow Umbrella movement/pro-democracy activities. It is some of the TVB producers and TVB screeners that should be BLACKLISTED and that are whitewashed in a bad way, not the other way around. It is NOT Raymond that is getting (no) blacklisted by TVB and it depends on who it is.