Ruby Lin’s baby bump spotted for the first time!

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Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s flash wedding has caused a stir after the couple announced the tie the knot after dating for only 2 months. The public has also speculated if their sudden wedding is due to Ruby’s pregnancy.

Apple Daily Taiwan caught wind of Wallace and Ruby’s appearance at a KTV lounge after midnight on July 14, 2016. At about 2 a.m., a group was seen leaving the KTV place, including Wallace and Ruby.

Wallace was drunk, and was not able to balance himself. He had to be held by his friends while walking out.

As for Ruby, she was dressed in a red loose dress and wore a mask. Despite her loose clothing, her baby bump was pretty obvious.

When she saw Wallace drunk, she was worried. Perhaps due to her pregnancy, she was said to have abstained from alcoholic drinks and she did not even try to walk fast.

Wallace was being lifted into the cab by his friends, and he returned to Ruby’s home together with her.

The gathering was to celebrate the birthday of The Way We Were <16個夏天> director. Ruby’s costar, Melvin Sia was also present.


Source: Apple Daily

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