Rumoured girlfriend, Jackie Xu praises Kenneth Ma openly

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Kenneth Ma’s date with Chinese actress Jackie Xu was crashed by the paparazzi when the duo was tailed in August. Back then, Kenneth and Jackie freaked out when being photographed and Kenneth even requested the reporters to let them off as his date was frightened.

Attending a beauty event yesterday, Jackie was clearly the attention of the media. She stressed that she and Kenneth are still friends and are not in a relationship.

“We are not dating, and did not arrange for a private date. That day was a group gathering.  He is a nice guy and we are good friends.”

Asked if there is any chance to develop as lovers, Jackie said, “We will be friends first. That day when we were being photographed was only the second time we met.”

Jackie said that she had not met up with Kenneth since then, but he had sent a text message to her.

“He sent me a text message to say sorry. He was worried that I was scared by the incident. (Did you regret that your relationship ended after being exposed?) There is nothing to be regret about because we are not an item.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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