Show Luo transforms into ferocious leopard

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To film his promotional clip for next year concert in Taipei, Show Luo (羅志祥) specially created a ferocious leopard look on his face. Show spent three and a half hours to draw his eye brows, lips and ears and sticking on fur and whiskers onto his face.

As he fell asleep during the makeup, he got a shock when he saw himself in the mirror. “It looks so real that it gives me goose bumps,” exclaimed Show.

Show loves to collect anything that has leopard print, hence he is able to exude the expressions, posture and the growl of a leopard. He proudly said, “Please! Everything in my house is leopard printed! The time I see the leopard is even more than my mum. There is no need to figure out!”

As Show has a sensitive skin, his rashes broke out after removing the makeup. Show jokingly said, “Initially I look like a leopard. After removing the makeup, I become a small little kitten.”

In order to present an impactful concert to his fans next year, he will have a 2-hour dancing performance and will even try African and Jazz dance. There will also be as many as 124 dancers in his concert.

Being a dance director for his concert this time, he requires his dancers to have a fit body. Asked if he was afraid that his body would lose out to his dancers, Show replied, “I will of course practise very hard. However, I am not worried that I lose out. I just want to train up my stamina!”

Source: Appledaily

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