Show Luo’s girlfriend suspected of nose job again

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Chinese fashion blogger,  Zhou Yangqing has been in the spotlight after her relationship with Taiwanese pop star, Show Luo surfaced. Yangqing was also the talk of town after she had admitted undergoing cosmetic surgery before.

Recently, Yangqing posted a selfie of herself wearing a black jacket and a black skirt. Her photo also sparked a wave of discussions from netizens, who wrote, “You look kind of weird.”

Many also suspected if she had undergone another nose job. One said, “Your nose looks out of of shape.” Another said, “Your nose has changed.”

After knowing that her nose was widely discussed, Yangqing posted another remark the next day. She said, “I saw that everyone was very concern about my eye and wondered if my nose was crooked. I looked at it carefully and I also thought that it was a little strange. Maybe I put too much makeup. Do not worry, my eyes and nose are fine.”


Source: Ettoday

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  1. AlexK Reply

    She looks like a manikin in some of pictures….I really want to know what is about her that Show likes,
    All know about her is what his fans say about her and they don’t seem to like anything about her.

  2. Karlie Reply

    Show luo pathetic choosing ugly bitch

  3. Karlie Reply

    Plastic surgery are for ugly people

  4. Karlie Reply

    Hello noo need for a debate her entire face is fake

  5. Rachael Reply

    I don’t think it is just her nose, here entire face is plastic surgery her eyes, her chin.