Shu Qi and Stephen Fung are cohabiting?

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Although Shu Qi and Stephen Fung have refused to admit their relationship, the rumoured couple was seen together in the same car on many occasions. Tabloids also reported evidence of the couple cohabiting.

According to the couple’s good friend, Stephen has moved in to Shu Qi’s apartment and are living together like a married couple. Whenever Shu Qi is travelling, Stephen will help with the housekeeping and takes care of their beloved cat, MayMayBoy.

On 25th last month, Stephen was seen taking the cat to grooming when Shu Qi was overseas. After taking the cat back to Shu Qi’s home, Stephen went out to meet his friends. After his gathering, he was seen returning to Shu Qi’s place again.

On 31 July 12 pm, Stephen was seen driving Shu Qi to a hotel in Repulse Bay. He first dropped her off at the hotel, and then returned later to meet her. It was until around 6 pm that the couple left the place. Unlike her usual low-key behaviour, Shu Qi did not lower down her head when she got onto Stephen’s car and even smiled sweetly towards her boyfriend.

Two days later, the duo was spotted on a date again. Stephen first drove Shu Qi to a Japanese restaurant to meet her friend, and then drove off to find a parking space. He then walked back to the restaurant to meet up with Shu Qi. An hour later, Stephen quickly walked off to retrieve his car before driving back to pick up Shu Qi.

The couple then returned to Shu Qi’s home together.




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