Shu Qi: It’s a crime to be fat

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Shu Qi

Taiwanese actress, Shu Qi is a goddess in the hearts of many men. The 168 cm tall actress has been maintaining her weight at 50 kg for 20 years ever since she entered the entertainment industry.

Recently, Shu Qi filmed a mainland variety programme X FIRE, <燃燒吧少年> and was a mentor to the young contestants. When giving advice to the aspiring youngsters, Shu Qi did not go soft on her words, and even gave them critiques.

She said to one of the contestants, “Can you slim down? Being an idol, we need to have a beautiful body.”

She also added that it was an artiste’s responsibility to keep the body on good shape. She said, “It’s a crime to be fat!”

Shu Qi’s words have been shared by many netizens on the social media. Some netizens remarked, “I have become a criminal for years”; “Let me die sinfully.”

When Shu Qi saw the shared photo on her Weibo, she was shocked that she said these words in the programme. She replied, “Sorry Brother Qi. After my meal today, I will not eat again.”


Source: Ettoday

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    She always have a great shape.