So “man”! Wallace Huo protects Ruby Lin from the crowd!

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Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were spotted on a date finally!

Wallace, 36 and Ruby, 40 went public with their relationship last month. Two days ago, the couple went to watch Sandy Lam’s concert at the Taipei Arena and became the spotlight instead.

To avoid the media, Wallace and Ruby deliberately did not sit at the VIP seats. However, reporters still managed to spot them at the audience seats. When Ruby’s manager realised that their presence was reported in the news, Wallace remained calm and said, “It’s okay.”

The couple chose to stay towards the end of the concert. When Sandy sang her hit song At least I still have you <至少還有你>, both Wallace and Ruby even joined in the fun to toss the paper planes. Their sweet interactions were captured on cameras.




When the concert ended, the organiser led Wallace and Ruby to exit by the backdoor, but reporters and audience still flocked towards them.

Ruby was clearly shocked. Wallace then pulled Ruby in his arms, held her shoulders and protected her from the crowd. After photos of the couple circulated, many netizens praised Wallace for his manly gesture!

When Ruby was told that Wallace was praised for his heroic action, she said, “I felt like a little girl at that moment.”

When asked about their marriage plans, Ruby said, “Not yet!”



Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Jonahae Reply

    Damn Wallace is so freaking sexy, His one of my few Taiwanese/Chinese crush

  2. Jessie Reply

    They look so sweet together

  3. ThePangdee Reply

    I love Ruby Lin. She’s very pretty.