Tavia Yeung and Him Law get married in England!

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Tavia Yeung, 36 and Him Law, 31 have been dating for 4 years. In the past year, there were rumours circulating that the couple would tie the knot soon.

Last December, rumours said that the couple would get married in March, as Tavia did not wish to delay her baby plan due to her age.

Recently, Tavia and Him were rumoured to fly to London to shoot their wedding photos. Both Tavia and Him did not deny the wedding rumours. Tavia said, “I am on a holiday now. Thank you for your concern. Will talk when I am back.”

On the other hand, Him also gave similar respond, “I am on a holiday. If there is anything, I will respond when I am back to Hong Kong. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

A photo of Tavia and Him in wedding gown and tuxedo were also exposed. The couple reportedly registered for marriage in Leeds Castle on March 22!

It appears to be a family photo taken during a wedding solemnization. In the photo, Tavia held her mother’s hand, and leaned closely to Him. Him seemed to be a little nervous, and standing next to him is his father.



Source: Apple Daily HK

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  1. TriciaQiling Reply

    Tavia Yeung’s wedding (is totally not consistent with her dramas) with Him Law, a secret wedding? in England. \\Tavia would have a supporting or some leading roles in four cool ancient Chinese dramas, wearing traditional Chinese clothing from the Qing dynasty or the Ming dynasty. Tavia should not exploit the beautiful Chinese clothing to make money in Chinese dramas. Meanwhile, on an important wedding day, gives credit to the wrong country, to an overseas country by taking numerous pictures and giving false compliments to western people who did nothing to help her become successful as an actress.

  2. AlainaYingtai Reply

    Tavia Yeung should not hold such an important wedding event by going overseas and giving credit to the wrong country, to England. Those people in England that wrongfully encouraged the violent and evil Yellow Umbrella pro-democratic activists are a bad influence on Hong Kong. Tavia Yeung seems whitewashed in a bad way. Tavia won acting awards due to her work in Hong Kong and her work in China productions. Tavia should stay in Hong Kong to stop spreading further damage to use England or France, please do NOT try to steal other people’s countries, STOP trying to wrongfully colonize people’s minds. Tavia Yeung should NOT break into (sounds scary and not appropriate) into the China market.

  3. AlainaYingtai Reply

    Chinese clothing for women, traditional Chinese ancient clothing and red wedding gowns with gold and red designs from China are 300 times more beautiful than the overrated modern white wedding dress that steals concepts from lovely ancient Chinese clothing. The long robes for nobility trailing from top to the ground, these clothes were invented and created first in Chinaa.

    Congratulations to Tavia on her marriage to Him Law. It should be noted that Tavia Yeung owes her success to Hong Kong and owes credit to the more beautiful China landscapes and scenery. Tavia should have gotten married in the numerous beautiful landscapes in the Pacific Rom countries. After all, Tavia’s wedding in England has nothing to do with the ten years of work that she did for TVB in Hong Kong. This island of Hong Kong belongs to the big mainland in China.

    It is disappointing that Tavia and Him Law spent so much money giving credit to England which did nothing to help her career from start to current. Hong Kong does not belong to England and this wedding and Tavia’s important wedding souvenirs and memories focus on giving credit to the wrong country, to England.

    won acting awards due to her work in Hong Kong and China.