Tavia Yeung confirms she has left TVB: “I have regained my freedom”

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Recently, Tavia Yeung accepted an interview with Oriental Sunday, and she also had a live interaction with her fans on her Facebook. She took the opportunity to address her contract issues with TVB, and her life after marriage.

Tavia’s contract with TVB has ended in April, and she confirmed that she would not be renewing her contract with the TV station.

“Currently, I am free to do the things I want because I have regained my freedom. Maybe, everyone will see lesser of me in future, but do not worry.”

Asked if she found it a pity to leave TVB, Tavia said, “I don’t find it a pity. My contract has ended currently, but I will still continue to film dramas.”

Tavia said that she hoped to break into the China market, and wished to try out different things in her life.

On when she would go for her honeymoon, Tavia said, “I hope to hold my wedding banquet at the end of this year, and I will also focus on my work. We can have our couple time anytime. I also hope to enjoy my honeymoon like Myolie Wu, and I will plan for it. In life, we should at least indulge in ourselves once, and having freedom is not a bad choice. However, I will focus on my career in the short-term, and hope to open a new page in my career.”


Tavia also said that she and Him Law have no plans for baby yet, as they hope to enjoy more time together for the time being.

Will Him flaunt his muscles at home?

Tavia smiled, “He will not deliberately show his muscles at home, but he will sometimes unintentionally expose his upper body at home.”

Tavia also shared that she was not used to being addressed “Mrs Law.”

“I will have goosebumps as I am not used to it. I also need time to get used to this new identity. I was once being called Mrs Law, and I did not have any reaction and just walked away. It was not intentional. Please do not call me Mrs Law, you can call me Tavia or Ms Yeung.”

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