Tavia Yeung is likely to stay in TVB

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Recently, Tavia Yeung was busy promoting her new drama Wudang Rules <潮拜武當>.

When asked if she knew that TVB did not renew contract with Bobby Au-yeung, Tavia said she only learnt it from the news. Tavia praised that Bobby was a versatile actor and could star in any roles, and it would be a pity if his contract was not renewed.

Tavia said that she had not been mistreated when she negotiated her contract with TVB in the past. As Tavia’s contract with TVB is ending soon, she was asked if she had plans to focus her acting career in China.

Tavia admitted that she wished to film more mainland productions, but does not like big changes.

“I hope to seek a balance. There are many ways to work together. I graduated from TVB’s acting class and I treat TVB like my family.”

Tavia also said, “I will miss my family if I am overseas for too long. I can get homesick. (You will miss Him Law?) I will miss my dog and my mum!”

When asked if marriage would be one of the factors for considering the contract renewal, Tavia said, “It has nothing to do with it. Even I am married, I will still work.”

Source: On.cc

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