Tavia Yeung’s contract with TVB has ended

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Tavia Yeung promoted her new drama, The Last Healer in Forbidden City <末代御醫> today. Wearing a midriff top and showed off her flat tummy, Tavia also dismissed her pregnancy rumours.

She said, “Everyone thinks too much. Time will prove everything.”

As her contract with TVB ended on April 1, the media were keen to know if she had renewed her contract with TVB. Tavia responded that although she had not renewed her contract, she would do her best to promote the new drama.

Asked if this would be her last event for TVB, Tavia said, “For now, it is. If there is suitable job, I will still do. My contract has indeed ended, but there are many things to discuss. This industry is very small. TVB will always be my second home. I will help out if need be.”

Tavia also said that she had been approached by mainland productions, and would try it out if there are any suitable opportunities, and if her time schedule permits.

Tavia has been busy preparing for her wedding at the year end. Asked if she would stop work to plan for a baby, Tavia said, “I hope to work as well. (What if there’s an accident?) I hope there won’t be. Touch wood! Let nature take its course!”


Source: On.cc

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  1. ynette Reply

    Hope TVB renews her contract on good terms and gives her good opportunity. She has a lot to offer still.