‘The White Storm’ rakes in RMB 80 million in opening box office sales

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Benny Chan’s The White Storm <掃毒> spins up impressive results in its opening weekend box office results. Despite contending against hollywood big films like Gravity, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Epic, The White Storm has raked in RMB 80 million in the opening weekend since releasing on 29 November 2013 in China.

Its single day box office sales even surpassed Sandra Bullock’s Gravity, and tops the box office chart for the Chinese blockbuster films.

After knowing that his film has achieved such impressive results, Director Benny Chan said, “The White Storm is the first film to be launched during the holidays season and it has not disappointed us after achieving such good results at the box office. There are also many friends who have expressed their support and liking for this film. It has boosted our confidence.”

The three leading stars, Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung were delighted upon hearing the good news.

Sean said, “The White Storm has left a beautiful exclamation mark in my 2013! I hope that the box office sales will continue to soar! ”


While celebrating his birthday on 30 November 2013, Nick’s also wished that The White Storm will have good results. After knowing the opening weekend sales, Nick exclaimed, “I am so elated on my birthday! ”

Louis also released some snippets of his dancing clip in the film to reward his fans. Louis said, “This dancing clip is very comical. I initially only wanted to freeze it in my phone. Now that I am so happy, I will share it so everyone can be happy too.”

During the filming, Louis was extremely popular with the children. Even the parents could not help it but all went up to ask for a photograph with him. 

Although some parts of the scene were edited out from the movie, Louis said, “If everyone really wants to see it, I will consider dancing it out during the celebration of The White Storm. Meanwhile, please support us at the theatres.”


Source: Sina 

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