Third party causes Li Yapeng and Faye Wong to split?

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Celebrity couple, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng shocked the whole world when they announced the end of their 8-year marriage last Friday.

“Our fate as husband and wife has come to an end this lifetime. I am still okay. You take care too,” wrote Faye in her micro blog.

Yapeng was cheating on Faye? 

Rumours are flying over that Yapeng’s flirtatious behaviour was causing the end of his marriage. The 41-year-old reportedly dated many women during his marriage with Faye, which includes a Chinese actress Miao Pu, a young woman at a nightclub, a florist shop owner, a busty woman and a scriptwriter.

Oriental Sunday reported that Yapeng would, in the past, try to ‘sweet talk’ Faye whenever she suspected his infidelity. In recent years, he allegedly would flare up and lost his temper whenever Faye questioned him. In order not to affect his daughter, Faye has turned a blind eye and stopped the questioning subsequently.

In August, Faye has gotten wind of Yapeng’s cheating before flying to Korea for a holiday. She was said to have rush home and had a ‘showdown’ with Yapeng and the couple decided for a divorce eventually.

Yapeng reportedly was also at odds with his step daughter. In order to prevent conflicts, Faye has sent his daughter to United States for further studies.

Third party is pregnant? 

Yesterday, Yapeng’s rumoured love interest, Miao Pu uploaded a photo of a mother hooking the finger of her baby. She wrote, “Rooting for the baby! Rooting for mummy!”

This has fuelled intense speculation that the Chinese actress could be pregnant, which led the divorce of Yapeng and Faye.

Miao Pu and Yapeng were uncontactable for comments and their phones were switched off.

Source: Apple Daily, Oriental Sunday 

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