Tiffany Hsu denies reconciliation with Ethan Ruan

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Recently, a source who claimed to be Tiffany Hsu’s friend revealed to the press that Tiffany had reconciled with Ethan Ruan.

The source said that although Ethan had cheated on Tiffany four times, she still chose to forgive him. Tiffany was said to be voice messaging Ethan lately and love sparks have rekindled for the couple.

Yesterday, Tiffany attended a publicity event for her latest movie The Tag-Along <紅衣小女孩> and she dismissed their reconciliation rumours.

She said, “I am already very immune to all these news. I urge that ‘friend’ not to divulge anymore news, and I probably know who that person is. That person is not my friend.”

Tiffany also admitted that she still kept in touch with Ethan.

“I don’t think that we should sever all ties even though our long-time relationship has changed. No matter what, we can still chat and we are still friends.”

Source: Apple Daily

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