Tony Hung’s statement on “Nurses do not have high status” draws criticisms

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Tony Hung’s new drama Angel In-the-Making <實習天使> is currently airing and Tony played a senior nurse in the drama.

Recently, Tony was inspired from his role and left a post on his social-media, which unfortunately was misinterpreted by the netizens.

He wrote, “Nurses do not have high status in the society, but their work to save patients is as important as doctors. From taking care of the patients in their daily needs as well as comforting and caring for them, nurses are very important.”

Although Tony’s statement was to give credit for the nurses, his first sentence on “Nurses do not have high status” drew criticisms. Netizens felt that he was belittling the nursing profession, and urged him to be careful with his choice of words.

After being blasted by the netizens, Tony issued another statement and apologised. He said, “My intention of the post was to highlight that the nurses’ contribution is as important as the doctors. Nurses should receive higher respect in the society. This is what I want to express. If you have time, I hope everyone will read the whole contents. I may not be careful with my words, and many people especially friends from the healthcare industry are not happy. I hope you will accept my apology. Through filming, I understand the difficulties faced by the nurses. I really respect your profession.”


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