TVB offers Kate Tsui a TV Queen award?

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Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui’s contract with TVB will be expiring in May. With many A-listers leaving the TV station for the lucrative China market, TVB is very eager to retain Kate. In addition, Now TV is also eyeing on Kate to film its new drama.

A source disclosed that TVB had offered Kate a 15% salary increment, which is about HK$1.2 million of annual pay, and this excludes her event appearance fees.

TVB reportedly also offers to tailor a blockbuster series for Kate by end of the year, and promises a TV Queen award as part of the renewal package.

“Kate did think of venturing overseas, but she knows that there are not much opportunities for her in China yet. This time, the terms that TVB offered is not bad, so there is a possibility she might renew the contract,” said the source.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that if Kate renews the contract, she has a better chance of winning the TV Queen award than Linda Chung.

Linda reportedly is being “frozen” by TVB. For the past two years, she only had one or two dramas per year. She was also replaced by Grace Chan in Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪Ⅱ> and ended up guest starring in the sequel.

Recent report also said that Linda had broken up with her boyfriend, Philip Ng in order revive her career.

Source: HK Channel

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