TVB sets up hotline to welcome HKTV Artists

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After failing to obtain its broadcasting license, Ricky Wong’s HKTV has immediately retrenched 320 employees. The future of its artistes and employees have remained uncertain.

Following the public outcry, many HKTV stars including Yoyo Mung, Maggie Cheung, Frankie Lam and Leila Tong have joined in a public demonstration involving 120,000 protesters.

Hong Kong’s number one TV station, TVB has since initiates a project, Come Home Love <愛回家> and sets up hotlines to welcome its former artistes and employees. Two separate hotlines and fax lines for artistes and personnel have been established for HKTV’s retrenched employees to contact TVB. Yesterday, TVB also announced the details at its variety programme, Scoop <東張西望> and even aired a clip featuring Wayne Lai and Moses Chan to urge HKTV’s employees to call the hotlines.

TVB’s Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Tsang Sing Ming said, “The important thing is to retain the talent. We welcome anyone who has passion for the television industry to join us whether they are former TVB’s employees or not. However, we will first consider our ex-colleagues and for others, we will decide based on the company’s requirements.”

The Come Home Love project is positively received by many of the HKTV stars who were formerly TVB artistes . Felix Lok Ying-kwan said, “This is a good thing, but I still have a few years of contract with Ricky Wong. I may need to wait for things to clear up first before deciding my move.”

As for Dominic Lam Ka-Wah who left TVB twice said, “It will be my third time returning to TVB if it happens! Their decision is a good matter. I am not certain if I will return but I won’t rule out any possibility of working with a sincere organisation. However, it is more important that the script is suitable.”

Al Wai, who has a close relationship with Ricky Wong is also surprised by TVB’s move. Asked if he was awkward about returning to TVB, Al Wai said,”Even though I and Ricky Wong were former classmates, we still need to sign a contract. We have collaborated for three to four months and definitely will wish to develop my acting career further. I still keep in touch with many TVB executives. Two nights ago, I even went over and chatted with Ms Virginia Lok when we bumped into each other.”

Deno Cheung, whose contract with HKTV will end in eight months, also welcomes the TVB’s initiative, but will not return to TVB for the time being.

Maggie Cheung Ho-yee expressed that she would not return to TVB for the time being and prefers not to be binded by any contracts.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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