‘When Heaven Burns’ bags My Favourite Music Award

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Although TVB series, When Heaven Burns <天與地> receives poor ratings during its broadcast, the series bags the My Favourite Series at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards. Its ending theme also received the highest accolade at the 2012 Ultimate Song Chart Awards yesterday.

Organised by Commercial Radio,  2012 Ultimate Song Chart Awards gave out 50 awards with Eason Chan being the biggest winner. Eason won the Best Male Singer (Gold) and My Favourite Male Singer for the ninth year in a row. Eason’s song, Heavy Taste <重口味> also took home the Best Song Award of the year.

For the female singers category, Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung clinched the Best Female Singer (Gold) award and My Favourite Female Singer award respectively.

This year, the music award replicated the TVB awards by allowing the fans to vote for their favourite winners. When Heaven Burns ending theme, Ignorance of the Young <年少無知> won 3,404 votes and bagged the My Favourite Song Award. The singers and the series’ leading actors – Kenny Wong, Moses Chan and Bowie Lam received the trophy together on stage. The trio also received the biggest applause with the audiences clapping and singing along during their performance.

Bowie even jokingly said, “Actually we are just three actors!”

List of the winners

My Favourite Song: Ignorance of the Young / Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

WeChat Chit Chat Most Popular Song: Ignorance of the Young / Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong

My Favourite Male Singer: Eason Chan

My FavouriteFemale Singer: Miriam Yeung

My Favourite Group: C Allstar

Best Male Singer: Eason Chan (Gold), Khalil Fong (Silver), Endy Chow (Bronze)

Best Female Singer: Joey Yung (Gold), Fiona Sit (Silver),  Kary Ng (Bronze)

Best Group: RubberBand (Gold), Mr. (Silver), FAMA (Bronze)

Best Singer-songwriter: Khalil Fong (Gold), Endy Chow (Silver), Ellen Joyce Loo (Bronze)

Best composer: Eric Kwok

Best producer: Schumann

Best lyricist: Albert Leung

Best music arrangement: Alex Fung

Best album: Easy / RubberBand

Best Female Newcomer: Kimberley Chen (Gold), Wendy Zheng (Silver), Sita Chen (Bronze)

Best Male Newcomer: Sheldon Lo (Gold), Jay Fung (Silver), Alex Lam (Bronze)

Best Newcomer Group: Robynn & Kendy (Gold), Yellow (Silver), Super Girls (Bronze)

Top 10 Best Songs:

Best Song Award: Heavy Taste <重口味> / Eason Chan

2nd place: Sleeping Volcano <睡火山> / Andy Hui

3rd place: Blank <留白> / Ivana Wong

4th place: Yesterday <昨天> / Mr.

5th place: Yellow Fever / Dear Jane

6th place: Rotten Lovers <烂命鸳鸯> / Wilfred Lau

7th place: Love you <爱你> / Kimberley Chen

8th place: A thousand paper cranes <千纸鹤> / Khalil Fong

9th place: Can no longer love <恋无可恋> / Leo Ku

10th place: Friends at the Peak <山顶嘅朋友> / Grasshoppers & Softhard

Source: ihktv, mingpao

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