Woman accuses Aaron Kwok of sending her seductive photos and two-timing her

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A 23-year-old student, Ms R have claimed that she had dated Hong Kong heavenly king Aaron Kwok for three months and had even received seductive photos from him.

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Ms R revealed that she had met the 49-year-old Aaron through a party and started dating him since July. Ms R even displayed flirty text messages which she claimed was from Aaron, and one of the text messages read, “I want to possess you now.”

Ms R also claimed that Aaron had requested her to send him bikini photos, and he also sent her seductive photos of himself in return. Ms R said that she had received Aaron’s topless photo and a back photo which revealed his butt.

According to Ms R’s statement, Aaron often invited her to his home, in which she declined. She also said that Aaron preferred “pure girls”, and requested her to send photos of herself without makeup.

It was only in October this year that Ms R discovered that her friend was also dating Aaron at the same time. She then broke up with him after that.

During a publicity for his new movie, The Monkey King 2 <西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精>, Aaron declined to respond on the negative reports. His manager, Sui Mei said, “We will not respond on such bizarre cover story. I am not sure if he has offended anyone recently.”

Yesterday, Siu Mei’s manager released an official statement and dismissed the report.

“After discussing with our lawyer, we think that the fabricated content is slanderous and constitutes a very significant damage. The lawyer is handling it and reserves all right to pursue the matter.”

Source: HK Channel 

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