Zhang Ziyi says it’s about time to get married

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During a promotion for her latest movie, The Crossing <太平轮> Zhang Ziyi revealed that it was about time for her to get married.

When Ziyi saw a family portrait from the movie, she shared that she also wished for a family. When asked when she would settle down with her rock musician boyfriend Wang Feng, Ziyi said, “It should be quite fast. I am not young anymore.”

Ziyi said that she had bought the movie tickets in advance for her upcoming movie.

“Mr Wang will definitely be watching too,” said Ziyi.

She has also booked the whole theatre and invited her family and friends to watch her movie. “They always say that I am busy, and keep asking what I have been busy with. This is the time when I can share with them.”

Ziyi also said that she hoped to film comedy movies.

“Nobody asked me to film comedies. The directors are always asking me to film drama movies. Those roles are very heavy and have very sad lives. Actually, I am a very relaxed person and I can be very humourous too. Why do I want to act in a comedy? This is because I can complete it in a relaxing manner.”

Source: Sina 

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