Aaron Kwok went unrecognised in the subway!

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The demonstrations in Hong Kong have paralyzed streets of Hong Kong and resulted in road closures and diversions. Unable to drive out, many celebrities have taken to the subway as their mean of transport.

Yesterday, Aaron Kwok was at the Central area for a haircut. After his haircut, he realised that he was unable to hail a taxi due to a road block, and his driver was also caught in a traffic jam. Aaron had to take the subway back instead.

Wearing a mask and a cap, it was surprisingly that the heavenly king went unrecognised in the train.

He also uploaded a picture of himself in the train on the Weibo, and wrote, “This is the first time I saw barricades across the Connaught Road. No taxi, and driver’s car was stuck in the jam! I am going to take the subway. I have not taken the subway for 10 years…. It’s even faster than driving a car! See you next time.”

Due to road closures, other celebrities who have taken the subway recently also include Chilam Cheung and Anita Yeun, and Alex To, who also have uploaded their train experience on their Weibo.



Source: On.cc 

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