Bosco Wong not interested in Kate Tsui

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Tabloids have recently claimed that Kate Tsui (徐子珊) was the cause of breakup between Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (杏兒分). A hugging photo of Kate and Bosco at a car racing event in Shanghai was published. Kate and Bosco were reportedly also holding hands at the event.

Bosco treats Kate as a guy

While attending a blessing ceremony for TVB new drama A Good Heart Goes Haywire <好心作怪>, Bosco clarified the romantic rumours with Kate.

“It’s just a piece of gossipy news. I just treat it as an early publicity for my lunar New Year’s movie. Kate was wearing high heels that day and I merely just held her for a while. It’s normal,” said Bosco.

Bosco added on that he was not at all interested in his Lives of Omission co-star.

“Although she dresses up very feminine, but she is actually very tomboyish. I treat her like a guy and have never thought of developing any romance with her.”

Kate in tears over “seductive vamp” label

Tabloids have labelled Kate as a “seductive vamp” as she is said to work her charm on Bosco. Addressing the scandal in teary eyes, Kate said, “I will seriously say one more time: there is nothing going on between me and Bosco. Bosco is only my working colleague.”

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