Bosco Wong’s father passes away

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Bosco Wong recently celebrated his 35th birthday. At the TVB Anniversary Awards, Bosco also took home the Most Popular TVB Artiste in China. At the interview, Bosco revealed that he did not have the mood to celebrate as his father was admitted to hospital.

Today, Bosco uploaded a post to mourn his father, as his father had just passed away. In his post, he blamed himself for not being able to spend more time with him.

“Daddy, I am sorry for being unfilial. I did not accompany you in your last journey. I am always busy working, and did not spend time with you. I am unfilial. I always said I wanted to take you on a holiday, but I did not fulfill my promise. Daddy, I love you. I hope you will be happy and healthy in the other world. You will be in my heart forever. We will be father and son again in the next life.”

Bosco’s father reportedly passed away this morning. Bosco visited his father at the hospital when he returned to Hong Kong for the TVB Anniversary Awards on December 13. Bosco is now filming in Hangzhou and he will rush back for his father’s funeral.

Many fans have expressed their condolences to Bosco, urging him to take care and not blame himself too much.

Source: HK Channel

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