Cecilia Cheung dating Singapore restaurant owner?

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Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung was rumoured to be dating a Singapore restaurant owner, Martin.

Last week, Cecilia was spotted dining at a Thai restaurant with Martin and her two sons, Quintus and Lucas. In the evening, Cecilia and Martin were said to be having dinner without the children.

A source disclosed that Cecilia, who is now resided in Singapore met Martin through a church, and Martin had courted her for six months. It was until when Cecilia learnt about her ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s reconciliation with Faye Wong, that she started to seriously consider Martin.

Media reported that Cecilia and Martin wore matching accessories, an evidence of their budding romance.

Martin was said to be trying hard to get along with Cecilia’s sons and to bridge their gap, he often takes them out. 4-year-old Quintus reportedly gets along well with Martin, but 7-year-old is more wary of him as he is more attached to Nicholas.


Cecilia was romantically linked to Daniel Chan and Edison Chen, and Martin who wears metal braces, is a big contrast to her good-looking ex-boyfriends.

Meanwhile, media reports also said that Faye was trying to get pregnant to tie down Nicholas, and she is actively taking Chinese medicine and will not rule out conceiving through artificial insemination.

Source: Apple Daily 

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