Charmaine Sheh chosen as lead actress to Tony Leung Ka-Fai

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Tony Leung Ka-Fai’s return to TVB has created a lot buzz and media attention. It was earlier reported that the newly crowned Best Actor of the Hong Kong Film Awards will collaborate with Michael Miu and Raymond Lam in the 30-episode blockbuster series.

Graduated from TVB acting class, Tony even said before that he had “TVB blood flowing inside his body.”

Once the news of his return is circulated, many TVB actresses are keen to collaborate with the movie superstar. However, TVB is worried that the new generation of fadans (A-list actress) may not be able to fit well with the heavy weight star onscreen. After much deliberation, TVB has cast its sight on Charmaine Sheh.

While TVB has been trying to persuade Charmaine to return to the TV station, this could be a good opportunity to lure her return.

When asked about her possible collaboration with Tony, Charmaine said, “There was some preliminary discussion. I also wished to work with Tony and Michael. I will have to see if my schedule is able to fit [with TVB’s filming schedule] and I will try my best to clinch the collaboration.”

The filming is expected to commence in January next year.

Source: Apple Daily 

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