Charmaine Sheh is not signing new contract with TVB

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Charmaine Sheh’s (佘诗曼) nomination in the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards has raised eyebrows. Based on past years’ records, TVB would only nominate their managed artists for the anniversary awards. Hence, speculations arised if Charmaine had once again signed a contract with TVB.

Appearing as a spokesperson for a hotel recently, Charmaine clarified that she did not have plans to re-join TVB. Charmaine said, “I still have a contract to film one drama with TVB and we did not negotiate for any new contract. I feel that I am nominated for my good performance and it is rare that I met such a good role”.

As Charmaine is based in China for the past year, she hopes that she can return to Hong Kong to film new series.

“I have taken a break for a while. I hope that I can meet a good script next year and I also wish to retain the Hong Kong viewers,” said Charmaine.

For the upcoming anniversary awards, Charmaine said that Michelle Yim (米雪), Tavia Yeung (杨怡)and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) would be her biggest competitors for the Best Leading Actress award. She also felt that the public voting for the award is fair.

Regarding Ben Wong (黄智贤) and Raymond Cho’s (曹永廉) omission from the nominations this year, Charmaine said that she did not know the reason, but recognised that they were both good actors.


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