Chen Bolin still good friends with Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko

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Since Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko were arrested in Beijing for drug possession last August, their good friend Chen Bolin has declined to respond much on their arrest. The public has speculated if the Taiwanese star is keeping a distance from Jaycee and Kai.

Yesterday, Bolin attended an event and was probed about his friendship with Jaycee and Kai. Although Bolin did not wish to reveal much about their status, he shared that he had just met up the duo for a meal this month.

Earlier, Jackie Chan revealed that since his drug arrest, Jaycee did not dare to meet up with anyone. However, Bolin said that he had met up with him and Kai in Taiwan, and said, “They are fine.”

Bolin also believed that there would be a chance to film a movie with his good friends in future.

Bolin has been busy filming since last week, and only had 8 hours of sleep in 3 days. When he flew back to Taiwan yesterday, he felt very unwell as he had gone without sleep for 30 hours. Early in the morning, Bolin immediately went to a hospital for a IV drip.

Source: Apple Daily

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