Laurinda Ho: We are just friends

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Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho was suspected to have reconciled with Kenji Wu after she was seen returning to his home two months ago.

Recently, Laurinda was rumoured to be dating Kai Ko after the latter was seen wrapping his arms around her shoulders. 

Laurinda has since denied her relationship with Kai. “I could not recall someone holding me. I drank some alcohol that day, and I think he was being gentlemanly. He just went to hold me after seeing that I was a little tipsy.”

Asked if her ex-boyfriend Kenji was aware of her friendship with Kai, Laurinda said, “I did not speak to him.”

Kai was involved in a drug arrest in 2014. Asked if she would mind about Kai’s past, Laurinda said, “We are just friends. I don’t bother about such things.”

After being probed if there would be any chance for development with Kai, Laurinda repeated, “We are really just friends!”

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