Chinese influencer spends 8 years on plastic surgery to look like Fan Bingbing, eventually finds out that her husband is a gay

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Chinese influencer, He Chengxi is known to be a huge fan of Fan Bingbing, and is obsessed to look like her. She has spent RMB 8 million in her 8 years of plastic surgery.

Since 15 years old, she went through many plastic surgeries just to make herself look like Fan Bingbing. Being a Fan Bingbing replica, she was invited to various red carpet events and fashion shows, and even clinched herself a role in a movie.

Later on, she married a second generation heir, Yu Xiaoquan. Her husband reportedly was also willing to undergo plastic surgery to make himself look like Li Chen, Fan Bingbing’s ex-boyfriend.

However, their marriage only lasted for a year. In 2018, He Chengxi reportedly accused Yu Xiaoquan for being a gay, and took many nude photos with his lover. She also claimed that Yu Xiaoquan had married for because he only wanted a baby.

Yu Xiaoquan has since dismissed the accusations, and said that He Chengxi created the lies as she wanted the custody of their child.

After 2 years have passed, He Chengxi is still very active on the social media, and has a group of loyal followers. She has also shot many photos in different images. However, without any makeup, she looks quite different from Fan Bingbing now. We are not sure if she will go under the knife again.

Source: Ettoday

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