Dee Hsu chokes back tears and apologises to Aya Liu for the 22 years’ grudge

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In her variety show S-style Show <姐姐好餓> recently, Dee Hse invited her good friend Aya Liu as a guest star. In the programme, Dee revealed that the pair once had a grudge and even turned teary when she spoke about it.

Dee recalled that Aya was like their class clown during their school days. She often liked to poke fun of her, and even instructed her to buy things for them. Even after they both started working, Dee still continued making fun of her like in their school days.

One day, she realised that Aya looked very awkward and turned silent after her joke. After they wrapped up work, Aya went to Dee and said, “Dee, please do not make fun of me in front of others in future. I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t like it either.” Dee was shocked and hastily apologised to Aya.

Although this incident was ages ago, Dee still took it to heart. At the programme, she took the chance to apologise to Aya. She choked back tears and said, “Everyone will change and grow up. When she wants to change and grow up, and when you still use the same way to treat her, you are not respecting her and do not love her enough.”

Aya also admitted that they were both young at that time. When they both met again, they realised both had matured, and they know their bottomline when poking fun of each other.


Source: Ettoday

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