Dee Hsu gropes A-Mei on stage

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A-Mei, Sandy Lam, Na Ying and Tanya Chua held a charity concert, Project WAO  at the Taipei Arena on Sunday night. The concert was to raise funds to help young girls who have suffered from abuse.

Other guest performers included Jolin Tsai, Dee Hsu, Lin Chi-ling, Faith Young and Matilda Tao.

The highlight of the concert was when Dee who poked fun of A-Mei’s revealed cleavage. Dee, who is known for her humour and candidness, said, “I never thought that the female singers have put in so much efforts in their dressing. I initially thought that there was nothing to see for A-Mei, but what is it on her chest? I feel like finding a pair of scissors to cut my shirt now!”

Teasing Dee about her husband, Mike Hsu and father-in-law’s recent scandal in Top Pot bakery case,  A-Mei replied, “Thank you Dee. I think she seldom leaves her house nowadays.”

Dee, who pretended to sob, humourously replied, “Yes, I seldom leave my house now. When I heard the invitation, I agreed right away as I have been very free lately. One day, I picked up my daughter from school and asked her what she wanted to eat. When she responded red beans bread, I felt like crying after hearing the word bread.”

During the duet, Dee suddenly groped A-Mei on her chests and buried her head into her cleavage. A-Mei was so shocked and chided her, “Are you crazy?”


Source: Oriental Daily 

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